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Become A Take Stock in Children (TSIC) Mentor



A mentor is a caring, compassionate adult who chooses to devote their time to a young person, offering them support, guidance, and encouragement. If you can donate 30 minutes per week, you can change a life by helping a child build a solid foundation of values, establish goals, improve their academic and life skills, while developing their self-esteem and confidence. 


Our success rate at Take Stock in Children is a result of a comprehensive approach provided by our program. One of the key and proven success factors is the role of the mentor. More and more people want to have a lasting, profound impact in their community. They understand that the commitment of becoming a mentor can change a child’s life while helping them grow personally. Can you remember adults who paid attention to you; who believed in you; and who guided you during your childhood? These individuals served as mentors. Wouldn’t you like to have someone think of you as their life-changing, trusted mentor?


Mentoring can be completed across 3 platforms – in-person at the student’s school, virtually through Zoom, or via the Take Stock app.  Mentoring sessions range from 20-30 minutes and we pair mentors with a student at a school near your home or workplace.  If students and mentors are meeting in-person, the mentor sessions take place at school during school hours and during the student’s lunch. The days and times of mentoring sessions are arranged between the mentor and mentee depending on their individual schedules and classes.  Mentoring can also be completed virtually through Zoom.  All meetings are initiated through our office and take place during the students lunch or during late afternoons/early evenings.  The Take Stock App provides a texting and video chat feature for students and mentors to meet outside of normal school hours.  Mentoring is convenient for both students and mentors. 


Take Stock in Children mentors learn the principles and guidelines of school-based, academic-focused mentoring. They participate in an orientation session and receive a manual that contains tools for addressing the general needs of their students: improving grades, preparing for college, career planning, and developing life skills.

If you would like to mentor a student, please complete the application or request an application from our office. The steps to become a Take Stock in Children mentor are listed below:

  1. Complete the Take Stock in Children mentor application online.  Please also complete the online Volusia County Schools VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools) form. You also will visit any school to have your official identification scanned into the Volusia County School system. 
  2. Once your Take Stock in Children mentor application is received, a mentor training session will be scheduled.
  3. A background check will be completed with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
  4. After the mentor training and background check have been completed, you will be paired with a Take Stock in Children scholar.