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Tomorrow's Leaders

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TL Scholarship Information: Thank you to Dr. Roosevelt Harris and the Daytona Heart Group for sponsoring this scholarship program, available exclusively to 2023 graduates of the Tomorrow's Leaders Program. The 2024 award recipients are:
  • To be announced 
  • To be announced
  • To be announced 
  • To be announced

The Scholarship Application for the 2024 graduates of the Tomorrow's Leaders program was due February 15th and the recipients will be announced in the coming weeks. 

The six-month program begins in October with an orientation session for students and parents. Each month thereafter, students attend a seminar or workshop focusing on a specific topic, such as Criminal Justice, Social Services, Healthcare,  Manufacturing, the Arts, Government, and Education.  During each seminar, students interact with community leaders who share insights on goal setting, effective communication, time management, motivation, human behavior and other aspects of effective leadership.
Throughout the Tomorrow's Leaders program, students are challenged in their understanding and awareness of the complexities of relationships, teamwork and problem solving. Skills, perspectives, and relationships gained during the program will help students set and achieve personal and professional goals, and better prepare them to assume leadership positions.
Students from all ten public high schools are selected to participate in the FUTURES Foundation leadership training programs. Through the seminars, participants are challenged to expand their awareness of the interrelationships and complexities of our community.