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Turn Around

Check out the list of our 2020 Turn Around award winners here!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our annual celebration was canceled. But certificates were mailed and names were engraved onto school plaques which are proudly displayed at all middle and high schools!

The program honors a student at each grade level in the middle and high schools who have shown a dramatic achievement in at least two of the following areas:

a. attendance

b. attitude (marked by reduction in numbers of referrals)

c. grades (improvement in grades, not necessarily the highest grades)

d. citizenship (school involvement)

Principals, with the input of guidance counselors and teachers, recommend a student in each grade level whose behavior and grades have shown a marked improvement this school year (or from one year to the next).

Each Turn Around student and his/her parents/guardians are invited to a celebration hosted by FUTURES. School principals, School Board members, District administrators, and members of FUTURES join in the celebration as each student receives a certificate. The Turn Around student's name also is engraved on a plaque proudly displayed at their school.

Many of the Turn Around students have not received positive recognition in the past. Therefore it is our goal that they be reached, motivated, and rewarded as they turn their lives around!